Disneyland Paris 

Assessment of historic attendance and financial performance at Disneyland Park and Disney Studios, along with a review of management forecasts, and capital investment programme for a group of investors. 

Charterhouse Capital / Tussauds Group 

Evaluation of performance, development & expansion potential for each of the group's attractions, and valuation of the attraction businesses for a management buy-out of UK's leading operating group. 

Parques Reundos 

Examination of the historic operating performance and benchmarking study of the various attractions within the Parques Reunidos group of attractions for a potential equity investor. 

Palamon Capital Partners / Star Parks 

Assessment of performance of former Six Flags Europe group of attractions, evaluation of future earning potential and preparation of business valuation of the group. 

Costa Edutainment 

Evaluation of the historic performance of the group's attractions and assessment of the future projected attendance, revenues and operating costs for a potential investor. 

Looping Group 

Review of the investment memorandum detailing the group performance and future targets for a potential investment group. 
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